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Wholesale market for toys and teddies in Spain and Portugal.

We offer safe and quality products.

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    We have more than 1.000 articles that are constantly renewed in order to offer diversity and new products throughout the year.

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    Private area and specific customization for each client.
    Important discounts to wholesalers .

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    Sales network covering Spain and Portugal.
    Development and opening of new product lines and own brands in other countries.

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    Free shipping in conditions of minimum orders.
    Transport network and guaranteed shipments.

Toy Distributors in Spain

Renowned as one of the most prestigious toy distributors in Spain and Portugal, at Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we have a wide range of products permanently displayed at our facilities. Moreover, we also participate at the Madrid Intergift Fair–an event that takes place twice a year–and travel and exhibit our products in different parts of the country during the summer.

The priority of our business in the distribution of toys in Spain and Portugal is the compliance with the current European regulation of each and every one of the products we wholesale since we look after children’s safety.

Toy Wholesale

At Toinsa Hiper-Regalos you will find your best ally if you are a toy wholesaler since we have more than 25 years of experience in the toy distribution industry. We’ve gained vast knowledge on trends and manufacturers offering our clients a wide and varied selection of products, including those highly requested by end consumers such as toy animals, whitch figures, beach and outdoor toys, wooden toys, Christmas toys, summer items, sports items, plush toys, puzzles and metal miniatures among others.

We offer toy wholesaler in Spain and Portugal the best conditions when purchasing high quality products. We constantly update our range of products so that wholesalers may have access to the latest models, with which you can get acquainted by consulting our website. Here, you can also place your order once you register or get in touch with our wide network of sales representatives that will provide you with all the information and guidance you need, so your purchase is a complete success.

toy distributors in Spain and Portugal

We are one of the main toy distributors in Spain and Portugal.

Our most traditional selection of toys, and the one that makes us one of the best suppliers of stuffed animals are these adorable soft and plush toys available in many shapes and sizes—be it in the shape of animal like the popular teddy bear, or in the shape of a heart. These toys are made of soft and safe material, giving your child their best friend ever.

Apart from being an established plush toy wholesaler, at Toinsa Hiper-Regalos we are suppliers of metal miniatures under the section with the same name on our website, where you will find: trains, cars, trucks, airplanes, construction vehicles, motorcycles, submarines, spaceships, quads, snowmobiles, helicopters, vans, trailers, bicycles, firefighter trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, ships, transformers, complete farm sets, music cassette player, robots, ducks, monkey toys, dinosaurs, musical photo cameras, animals and much more. All of these items are available in different shapes and with high quality details in all its components—offering a very realistic miniature of the original versions.

wholesaler of toys

We offer more than 1,000 brands in our catalogue as a wholesaler of toys.

At Toinsa Hiper-Regalos we specialize in the export and import of toys, always working with high-quality products, such as those offered by the manufacturer of miniatures and replicas of motorcycles, trucks, cars and much more. The brand New Ray, whose products we distribute, complies with the current European legislation to guarantee user’s safety–normally children–apart from supporting and benefiting children’s learning process in a fun way.

If you are looking for a distributor for a wholesaler of inexpensive toys, at Toinsa Hiper-Regalos you’ll find what you need—with very competitive prices and quality service that will deliver your order promptly to the address indicated.

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