Corporate Responsibility

In the day and age that we live in, with all the threats present, we have the need to transform our traditional objectives to other more social aims, as well as to adopt a more proactive attitude in relation to society and thus have a more ethical approach in our business.
The company is immersed in an environment and society and we must become aware of the need to tackle social problems that affect all of us, such as the environment, consumption, employment, disadvantaged groups, etc.
Our social actions oriented to tackle these problems are:
Consumer and User

TOINSA, as a company whose main consumers are children, has the corporate responsibility of complying with this sector. For this purpose, our products are selected and manufactured complying with the European Safety regulations to reduce any possible risk derived from the intended use of the toys for specific age groups.

Aware of need to take care of this innocent group of people, each and every one of the products we sell complies with the Spanish and European Union regulations stated in the Royal Decree 1205/2011 of August 26th regarding the Safety of Toy and their Management 2009/48/CE. Likewise, all our toys have been tested in laboratories to comply with the European requirements and EN71 technical standards of the physical properties of toys as well as their components, toxicity and flammable properties.

Disadvantaged Groups

As a company that is immersed in society, we are also aware that our contribution to disadvantaged groups can be extremely helpful. This is why we actively work with different associations in the donation of Toys that are used for raffles, contests and charity markets whose earnings are later used in the financing of social projects.

Fundación Alas Trefemo avanzaONG

Given the huge importance of taking care of the environment and responsibly managing waste we have collaboration agreements with recycling companies such as ECOEMBES for the correct recycling of our products. Likewise, we use the recycling drop-off points of our region to deposit waste resulting from our company’s daily tasks.

ecoembes puntolimpio
No arruinemos la Tierra, es difícil encontrar un buen planeta

Let’s not destroy the Earth. It’s difficult to find a good one.