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Our dedication to the import and export of toys has made us one of the most important   wholesale plush toy suppliers , since at Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we work with more than 1.000 products in our catalogue, in order to offer each customer the models that are best marketed in their establishments. Therefore, we are constantly renewing the products including the latest trends.

Having a plush toy distributor which offers the best products due to their attractiveness and comply with the regulations in force in Europe for child safety and protection, means a great peace of mind for our clients. Moreover, this guarantees them that whenever our clients place an order with us, they are accessing quality products, both from the best brands and from their own brands and with complete confidence, which we have achieved thanks to more than 25 years of experience.

Since we are a wholesaler of stuffed animals, we work with other wholesalers and shops, to whom we offer excellent conditions with special offers for large volumes. We worry about having enough stock, which we serve both in Spain and Portugal with total punctuality. We offer free shipments if the orders meet the stipulated minimums.

As suppliers of plush toys, we offer the best value for money

Toinsa Hiper – Regalos is an important wholesaler of metal miniatures which also offers import and export services of toys, since we work with major brands, such as New Ray.

You may discover our product catalogue on the website that we have developed for the convenience of our customers, where they are divided into the following categories: Animals, witches, beach and garden, wood, Christmas season toys, summer season toys, sporting goods, plush toys, day-to-day, puzzles, metal displays and others that will make the search much easier and faster.

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