Wholesale of Plush Toys

At Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we offer a wholesale service of plush toys and of all kinds of toys, from classic to the most trendy, so that our customers can access the products most requested by consumers, always in excellent conditions— since supply large quantities of toys that comply with current European regulations to ensure children’s safety while playing with them.

To facilitate access to our product catalogue we have developed an entire website where you can access everything, one being the star categories which allows us to be considered as one of the largest plush toy distributors in Spain and Portugal. We offer a wide range of models, in different shapes and sizes, among which there are animals, teddy bears and hearts among the most requested and much more, each made with soft and safe materials and with very attractive designs.

We service the needs plush toy wholesalers in Spain & Portugal

In addition, among the toys that we sell as a wholesaler are metal miniatures, you may find trains, cars, trucks, air planes, construction vehicles, motorbikes, submarines, spacecraft, quads, snowmobiles, helicopters, vans, caravans, bicycles, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, boats, cars that turn into robots, complete farm sets, musical radio cassettes, robots, ducklings, toy monkeys, dinosaurs, musical photo cameras, animals and many more arranged individually or grouped into several packs or kits, so that our customers can choose exactly what they are looking for.

We are also Ray Motorbike Distributors— a prestigious brand specialized in reproducing as true and exact as possible, motorbikes, cars, trucks, air planes and all types of vehicles, highlighting competition models in different levels but highly accurate and with excellent finishings.

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