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At the established company Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we offer the best supply to affordable toy wholesalers, since we have more than 1,000 products in our catalogue that are constantly being updated so that you can always find the products most requested by your customers. We put all our effort into being up to date and anticipating market trends, so that you can have highly requested products at your store.

Considered to be one of the most affordable and well-known toy wholesale distributors , at Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we understand that the key to our success is based on full customer satisfaction. This has led us to accumulate more than 25 years of extensive experience that we put at your disposal with high quality products that meet established standards, offering an element of safe fun and quality.

We serve the needs of affordable toy wholesalers with eye-catching and popular offers

We have a specific category for metal miniatures in which miniature car shops always find what they need, since apart from replicas, we may find new creations of cars, trucks, planes, construction vehicles, trains, motorbikes, submarines, spacecraft, quads, snowmobiles, helicopters, vans, caravans, bicycles, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, boats, cars that are transformed into robots, complete farm sets and many other classic and trendy products whilst meeting your customer’s needs.

At Toinsa Hiper – Regalos we are also specialists in the wholesale of plush toys  —a classic product that is never out of fashion but that we keep updated with the latest designs. You will find a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours among the traditional animals, where the classic teddy bears remain the most popular item.

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